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Online Enrollment Access
New Student Enrollment: Account Request
This form is the first step to enrolling your new student online. Complete it to request an account that you will use to log in to a secure Online Enrollment system.
STOP!!   If you are already enrolled in the Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation, you do NOT need to fill this form out.  If you have an incoming KG student, but you already have students enrolled in Mooresville, please use the New Student Online Enrollment Tab in Family Access. You also do NOT need to fill this form out when you are simply transferring from one school to another in the Mooresville District. This is a request for enrollment for students who are NEW to the Mooresville School District. 
NOTE:  If your child has EVER been an enrolled student at Mooresville, please contact for instructions on how to re-enroll your child.  Thank you!
***IMPORTANT NOTE: This is only a request for enrollment. You may include required paperwork (immunization records, birth certificate, etc.) in this file as well. You’ll be contacted by your child’s school if your application is approved or if additional paperwork is needed. Please visit for additional information about the start of school.
Complete required fields to request an account to enroll your students. Note that if you choose the ‘I Don’t Have an E-mail’ option, you will need to create your own login.  The system will not generate one for you.  
Enter the name of the legal parent/guardian of the student you want to enroll
Guardian contact information
Asterisk (*) denotes a required field